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About us

Founder and President Scott McMillan is experienced at building businesses and assisting others in doing so. A licensed California attorney since February of 2001. He was raised in San Diego, California. Prior to becoming an attorney Scott McMillan operated a computer distribution business which he founded at the age of nineteen. While operating the computer business, Scott McMillan attended the University of California at San Diego, and obtained a B.A. in Mathematics. At the height of the computer businesses's success, it employed 29 employees and had a gross revenue of $9,000,000 per year.

In 2004, Scott McMillan set a goal for his law practice: to operate an effective website in order to communicate with prospective clients. After years of research, through trial and error, and spending tens of thousands of dollars in web development, Internet marketing, and programming services, birthed a winning formula that could assist other small business people achieve their American Dream of owning a successful small business promoted through the Internet.

Result Oriented Marketing and the services it provides are based on those information and skills derived from developing an effective marketing program for the McMillan Law Firm.

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